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Well-Architected Automation for Continuous Compliance with Best-Practice

Australia's 1st fully automated cybersecurity and continuous compliance platform and service.

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Cloud best-practice starts with being Well-Architected. 6pillars' automation  brings continuous compliance visibility, reporting and safe, fully customisable cybersecurity that:

  • mitigates risk

  • reduces costs, and

  • drives revenue



Deploying a comprehensive suite of AWS-native security services ensures 24/7 security protection, monitoring and remediation of your essential AWS services, delivered by an AWS validated Managed Security Service Provider.


Security and compliance response is optimised per customer and customised per control to either alerting only or automated execution of remediation playbooks.


Coupling 6pillars' Patent Pending Automation Platform with the most comprehensive AWS automation playbook library delivers the fastest possible remediation for security controls within each of the Standards referenced by AWS Security Hub. 

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Identify and Remediate
Cybersecurity and Compliance
Issues in Minutes...  
                              ...Not Hours.


Abstract Background

Cybersecurity & Compliance Automation that lets you focus on doing what you do best...


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Identify and remediate cyber security and compliance issues as they happen, and before it's too late. 

We offer an array of service plans to suit your requirements.



"We're looking to align with standards including ISO27001 and love the concept of continuous, automated security remediation."

Managed Services Provider

"We've achieved a massive increase in the security posture of our workloads in AWS and are now protected by real time security remediation."

Technology Platform Provider

"Achieving automated security and compliance not only allows us to comply with security standards but to have that delivered on a real time, continuous basis is a huge competitive advantage."

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