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Mitigate Risk in Real Time

  • Continuous alignment with cloud security best practice

  • Consistently remediate security events and misconfigurations in real time

  • Resolve security issues in minutes rather than hours

  • Protect your brand, customers and revenue through compliance with cloud security best practice

  • Reduce Ransomware risk

  • Reduce data breach risk


Lower Operating Costs

  • Remove manual remediation

  • Maintain operational focus through automation

  • Remove the operational distractions from BAU

  • Reduce cycles spent on demonstrating compliance to customers

  • Leverage automation to cost effectively deliver best practice

  • Benefit from increased automation and value over time


Increase Revenue

  • Improve customer retention through higher compliance

  • Win more business from existing customers

  • Turn compliance into a USP

  • Improve competitiveness through automation

  • Win larger customers through Continuous Compliance

Abstract Futuristic Background

how it works

6pillars' AUTOMATE+ & AUTOMATE+ enterprise couple deployment of a comprehensive suite of AWS-Native security and compliance services with 6pillars' Patent Pending Automation Application and Playbook Library, providing customers with a real time automated cyber security and continuous compliance capability.