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Bringing ​Cloud and Security Teams Together

6pillars' AUTOMATE+ bridges the gap between once-disparate Cloud and Security teams by enabling self-healing configuration in the cloud to safely yet dramatically reduce the operational overhead to meet exacting security and compliance best-practice demands.

By enabling collaboration through an accelerated adoption and maintenance of best-practice, both teams are able to over-deliver on respective KPIs.

Cloud Infrastructure Team Benefits

Do More with Less

  • Bring cloud sprawl to heel

  • Materially reduce alert noise and fatigue

  • Increase team happiness, efficiency, retention and handover risk

  • Nail the operational impact of security and compliance projects

  • Contribute existing automation scripts to an existing, extensive automation library

  • Benefit from increased automation, safety features and value over time

Security Team Benefits

Mitigate Risks, Accelerate Compliance

  • Accelerate compliance adoption across the organisation

  • Reduce cycles spent on demonstrating compliance to customers

  • Reduce risks with security events and misconfigurations remediated in real time

  • Reduce ransomware risk

  • Reduce data breach risk

  • Quickly and clearly demonstrate best-or-breed compliance to the board

Abstract Futuristic Background

Opt-in Automation

6pillars' AUTOMATE+ couples a comprehensive suite of AWS-native security and compliance services with 6pillars' Patent Pending Automation Application and Playbook Library, providing customers with real-time automated cyber security and continuous compliance with configuration best practice in a safe and fully customisable way.

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